Dentures assist the aged and those who have poor dental maintenance or accidents. The loss of teeth is mitigated by the use of dentures. Some of the challenges encountered by loss of teeth are:

  • Chewing: the ability to chew becomes impaired
  • Speech: It becomes more difficult to speak normally
  • Swollen Gums: Chewing food on your gum as opposed to the tooth can be painful and cause your gum to swell and become sore


Dentures are false teeth that fill in the gaps where a number of teeth are missing. On the other hand, a complete denture replaces a full set of teeth. Here are the standard steps followed by most of the dentists for this procedures:

  • Dental Examination: Visit your dentist and discuss the approach for getting dentures.
  • Impression: Get an impression of your teeth at the clinic. Basically, this is an impression of your mouth.
  • Mould: The lab will develop a mould for your upper and lower jaws, as they are different. The tray developed will determine the best form of denture for you.
  • Advice: Once you receive your dentures, you should take the advice of your dentist on how to use and maintain them.

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