tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction


Tooth extraction is determined by a number of factors. These inclue:

  • Irreversible damage or broken tooth. Extensive tooth decay also leads to tooth extraction
  • Infection that cannot be mitigated through root canal treatment
  • If a tooth is preventing the underlying tooth to grow


  • The dentist will take an x-ray of the tooth that requires extraction to know how to best extract it
  • It also determines the sedative to be used
  • The tooth is slowly extracted once the dentist administers sedative to you. It helps you relax and feel no pain
  • The remaining tooth may be stitched up especially in the region of the wisdom tooth
  • The dentist will give you a prescription to control pain and you are to follow the post-operative care procedure to the letter. Rinse the area and avoid chewing on it including eating hot foods

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