Bad Breath Solutions

Bad Breath Solutions

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an embarrassing condition which no one would wish to suffer from. This condition can break relationships especially because the one suffering from it do not realise the problem. Bad breath can be caused by food particles, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, infections, mouth, nose and throat conditions, medications among others. Whatever the cause, it is important to find quick treatment.


If you suspect that you have a bad breath problem, your oral specialist will help assess the cause of the problem and also recommend the ways to deal with it. In most cases gum disease is the underlying cause of halitosis and your dentist will use the latest technology and expertise to remedy the problem to prevent bad odour from your mouth.  If there is poor flow of saliva in your mouth, proper medication will be recommended to stimulate better flow.


Your dentist appreciates how important dealing with halitosis is to your life. As such they will carry out a thorough inspection and also provide guidance on how to avoid this problem in future. Some of the options for bad breath solutions include medications, though the most common options are preventive. Proper diets, regular dental check-ups, drinking lots of water, and proper dental hygiene are the best options to avoid bad breath.

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