Your teeth are made up of a tough material due to their regular use in chewing. However, due to their position in the mouth they are also prone to damage during sports.  If you are involved in contact sport you should always wear a mouth guard to prevent injuries. Australian Dentist Association (ADA) estimates that athletes who don’t wear mouth guards are 60% more likely to suffer from teeth injuries.

This makes this an integral part of your sporting gear. Many athletes have lost or broken their teeth during sporting activities and this affects the outlook of their dentals for the rest of their lives. 


You will not only be protecting your teeth from chipping, cracking and breaking but also averting any internal damage to tissues.  Broken jaws in contact sports are common and while a mouth guard may not prevent such extensive injuries it does lessen the impact on contact.   If you are an athlete there is no reason to jeopardise your beautiful smile.

Your dentist will supply you with a perfectly fitting mouth guard to protect your mouth and ensure you enjoy the game safely.  By preventing such injuries you will save lots of money on expensive restorative dental procedures.


Unlike over-the-counter mouth guards, custom-made mouth guards better suit your mouth size. This means they will fit snuggly throughout the game and you will not suffer the inconvenience of losing your mouth guard during play. Custom-made mouth guards also allow you to talk to the coach and other players in the field and they have maximum resistance against dislodgement.

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